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Valid accreditations, including FSC, Sedex, Disney,NBCUniversal,S09001 and ISO14001.


Mechanically intensive production, including ROL AND and Heideberg printing presses, automatic die-cutting machines, omnipotence folding paper machines, and automatic binding machines.


Geographic advantage on FOB Shenzhen and FOB HongKong, to meet your logistics needs.

Tutorial Books

Tutorials are designed to give you a space to engage more actively with the course content. They provide a much better opportunity to get to know your lecturers and fellow students than most lectures offer. A tutorial is a teaching session given to one student or a small group of students. If you are stuck in a class, you could use a tutorial. Teachers lead classes, but tutors are educators who also help students, usually one-on-one.

Hardcover Book



Materials Supplied

Print Ready PDF Files




TPS (h x w)

210 x 174 mm (Portrait)



288 pp





Paper Type

157gsm Matt Art


Separate Ends


Paper Type

140gsm Uncoated Woodfree






sealer varnish


Cased Cover


Paper Type

128gsm Gloss Art



Matt Lamination and Spot UV



front and spine







Cover Style



Binding Style

Section Sewn



3.0 mm


Head and Tail Bands



Spine Type

Square Back





In export cartons, on pallets




No. of FOB’s



Surface Finishings


The process of debossing involves pressing a design onto a paperboard using a heated die. This creates engraved areas on the surface of the material, giving the impression of a debossed pattern. It’s often used to create decorative patterns on the packaging.


Embossing is the process of creating raised surfaces in paper or other materials by applying pressure.

Flexo Printing

Flexographic printing involves using flexible relief plates to transfer liquid ink to the material to print text and graphics.

Glossy Lamination

soft to the touch and features a more muted shine than other glossy coatings available.ldea for magazines,board books

Glossy Varninsh

Gloss varnish is popular amongst artists as the formula is non-yellowing, water-resistant, resists discolouration and is durable once dry. If you’re hoping to achieve colour vibrancy, definition of detail and a glossy sheen, our gloss varnish is the perfect choice for you!

Gold Foil Hot Stamping

Hot fpil stamping used heat and pressure to apply metallic detailing to enhance brand logos or packaging artwork designs.

Logo UV

Spot UV is common terms for the print finishing technique of applying a high gloss UV coating to a selective area on a printed piece.

Matt Lamination

Minimal depth and shine is present on the surface.However,matte coatings provide a high degree of color density.

Matt Varnish

Matte varnishes are formulated with matting agents (solids) in the varnish layer, which act to scatter the light at the surface of the painting.

Offset Printing

Offset printing involves transferring an image from a plate (usually aluminum) to a rubber “blanket” and from there onto the printing surface.

Rose Gold Foil Hot Stamping

Hot stamping foil is used for transferring gold images onto paper or plastic items. The foil is usually metallic, in gold or silver colors. Hot stamp foil consists of several very thin layers designed to adhere to the material when heat and pressure are applied.

Rough Texture

Speciality paper is the use of different fibres to make paper with special functions by using a paper-making machine. For example, synthetic fibres, synthetic pulp or mixed wood pulp and other raw materials are used alone, and different materials are modified or processed to give the paper different functions and uses.

Silk Screen Printing

Silkscreen, also called serigraphy, sophisticated stenciling technique for surface printing, in which a design is cut out of paper or another thin, strong material and then printed by rubbing, rolling, or spraying paint or ink through the cut out areas.

Silver Foil Hot Stamping

The most common type used in packaging and print is a shiny sliver foil stamp.

Soft Touch Lamination

Non pattern textured papers are well designed for print. The uniform weaves are discreet enough to allow printed text to really standout; whilst the texture signifies quality and style.

UV Printing

UV coating is a type of coating used on the printed sheet to protect against damage caused by sunlight, moisture, heat, and scratches. It is applied to surfaces using a special process that involves exposing the cardboard sheet to high-energy rays. The rays penetrate the material and cause chemical reactions that bond molecules together. This creates a protective layer that prevents the underlying printed design from being damaged and gives shine.

Pre-Sales Service

We provide professional advice and suggestions according to customers' requirements and provide complete solutions for free. Our business and engineering staff communicate fully with customers at the early stage of the process to understand their needs.

In-Sales Service

At every stage of product design and production, we communicate with customers to provide timely feedback and to address any temporary problems or changes needed by customers.

After-Sales Service

Once the products are delivered to customers, organize the business and the relevant persons in charge to return to them, to understand the situation related to the product, to deal with relevant issues as soon as possible, and to provide support and assistance to customers.


We have our own factory in Dongguan, Guangdong, China where is close to both ports of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. So far our factory has been inbusiness locally for almost twenty years.

Yes, stock samples are usually available for free. Yet, fees mightoccur if you would like to customized your own one. For more details, please contact with us.

Absolutely, we have profession designers to assist you on the product design.

Shipping Methods and Shipping Time: By Express: 3-5 workingdays to your door (DHL. UPSTNT, FedEx…); By Air: 5-8working days to your airport; BySea: Please advise your port ofdestination the exact days will beconfirmed by our forwarders, andthe following lead time is for yourreference. Europe and America(25 – 35 days) Asia (3-7 days)Australia ( 16-23 days):

TT, Paypal, Westemn Union, Trade Assurance is acceptable.

We accept EXWFOB.CFR,DDU, DDP Door to Door.

Size, material, printing details,varishing, processing, quantity.shipping destination etc. You can also just tell us your requirement we will recommend product to you.

Al, CDR, PDF, PSD, EPS, High resolution JPG or PNG

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How would you like to customiz your own books? Inform us with your specific customization needs: