Make your own Specification

A specification should includes all essential customization details of your own book, such as size,colors, binding,surface finishing, etc.


Get a quote

According to the specification, we would respond with an accurate factory price within 24 hours.


Confirm the dummies

A dummy is an unprinted book sample, which is used for paper/material and structure/binding quality check.Once you approve it, we could move to the next production procedure.


Provide the artwork

Once we recive your artwork/ design files of the books, we would proceed them with amendments by adding up the templates and send them back for ur final approval.


Place your order

In this step, we would ask for ur assistance helping us clarifying all essential details, including final quantity, delivery term, payment terms, etc.


Digial press before mass production

We always advice to use digial proofs for color matching approval.
That way, you would learn how would your artwork look like when they are printed on the real sheets!


Mass production

Let's kick it off then!

Send us a message

How would you like to customiz your own books? Inform us with your specific customization needs: